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17 December 2007 @ 08:52 pm
Just two more days!  
Just two more days until holidays! Yay! And tomorrow first two lessons cancelled (as always...our teacher had a heart attack about what was it like two months ago?)

Today I wrote a Latin test and it was crap. I think I really should've learned more...

But yesterday I was in Münster with tenma45 and another friend of ours. We went to the Christmas market with our flutes and played to earn some money, and we made 14,20€, which was barely enough to pay the bus ticket^^. But it was SO MUCH FUN. Our fingers were freezing, our flutes were too, and our music was acoustic rape in the end, BUT IT WAS FUN. It was definitely better than learning latin ^^
I even bought me two books for 3,33€ (for one book), Tami Hoag's "Magic" and John Sandford's "Secret Prey".

Everyone's talking about "Transformers", first blueberryapple, then people in my class, and that really makes me wanna see that movie, as they all say it's great, and of course as Josh Duhamel is in it!

I just watched SPN 1x09 "Home", that was really a great episode, makes me wanna see more (especially the end).

First challenge on tvshow_stills is on! Come join!
tvshow_stills tvshow_stills tvshow_stills tvshow_stills

Before I'll leave to watch Psych, which is actually one of my favourite shows, just soo damn funny!, eh, before I'll leave, a little christmas music.

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